Evolution-Based Nutrition

Our raw food, treats and supplements just have the natural good stuff – no preservatives or additives – so pets can play harder and live longer.

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put your pet first to give them the best food and the best life

The Totally Raw Difference


Raw meals are sold in convenient, easy-to-use portions and are available in 10-Patty and 30-Patty sizes.  Each protein offers a unique nutritional profile; explore the varieties with your pet. 


We're Experts

With over 20 years’ experience in the research and development of raw pet food, we know our stuff. Ask away.

Bone Broth Bottle Kelp

The Right Mix

Enjoy peace of mind knowing this evolutionary diet features the optimal balance of meat, bone and organ to support dental health, skin and coat and  immune function.

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Our Promise

Made with love and only the very best ingredients. We care about your pet’s health and take extra steps to guarantee the safety and quality of our products.
We take great pride in our products from farm to bowl.

Totally Raw Food Processing

Why Raw?
Oral Health

Totally Raw meaty bones act as nature’s toothbrush for fresher breath and cleaner teeth.


Our raw diet is rich in natural oils to remedy flaky skin and odors while promoting a rich, glossy coat.

 Allergens & Digestion

Meals are free from common allergens such as grains, fillers and chemical preservatives.  Totally Raw is highly bioavailable and nourishing. Expect very small, biodegradable stool.

MEALTIME BASICS: How Much To Feed & Sample Menu

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Meal Calculator

totally raw menu

Sample Menu

We care about your input


“l highly recommend Totally Raw to anyone looking for a healthier alternative to processed food. The people there have huge hearts and care about you and your Canine family member. They’re always very personable and are willing to help you out any way they can when it comes to the health of your pet.”
Becky & Roxie

“We would like to thank Karen and Doug for the wonderful service of Totally Raw Natural Dog Food. Quality food with easy logistics is not the only service they provide. By ordering from Karen and Doug, customers gain access to expert advice with sincere interests in individual dogs. We have felt supported and welcomed in every exchange we have had with them. They are Goro’s heroes!”
Yukiko, Brook and Goro

“We switched our puppy, Scout, immediately and completely from her breeder’s kibble diet to the Totally Raw food program. The results were/are amazing. We give much credit to the Totally Raw food program for the ease with which Scout integrated herself into our family. Thank you thank you thank you for your guidance and for the great products you provide.”
The Langilles & Scout

“The benefits of Raw Food are obvious. Buddy gained and has been able to maintain the perfect weight for his size. Because Buddy eats bones as part of his diet, his teeth remain healthy and white. His coat is also very shiny. He is a happy dog with lots of energy. But, like any lab, he loves to just lay around. Another big plus is the cost — it’s cheaper! I highly recommend Raw Diet.”
Ginger & Buddy

where to find us


Totally Raw – Akerley

50 Akerley Blvd. #112
Dartmouth, NS Canada
(902) 407-9930

Totally Raw – Lacewood

362 Lacewood Dr.
Halifax, NS Canada
(902) 407-3550

Totally Raw – Moncton

1633 Mountain Rd., Unit 8A
Moncton, NB Canada

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