Evolution-based nutrition.

Our raw food, treats and supplements have just the natural good stuff - no preservatives or additives - so pets can play harder and live longer.

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The Totally Raw Difference

We put your pets first to give them the best food and the best life.


Our products are sold in convenient, easy-to-use portions and are available in a range of sizes and protein varieties to keep animals and owners happy.

We're Experts

With over 15 years’ experience in the research and development of raw pet food, we know our stuff. Ask away.

The Right Mix

Enjoy peace of mind knowing this evolutionary diet features the optimal balance of meat, bone and organ to support better dental health, shinier coats and improved immune function.

Why Raw?

Our products are the natural diet for pets, ensuring they get the balanced nutrition they need.

Oral Health

Totally Raw meaty bones act as nature's toothbrush for fresher breath and cleaner teeth.


Our raw diet is rich in natural oils to remedy flaky skin and odours while promoting a rich, glossy coat.


Digestion and Allergens

Free of potential allergens like fillers, grains and chemical preservatives, Totally Raw is easy on digestion.

Our Promise

Made with love and only the very best ingredients. We care about your pets' health and take extra steps to guarantee the safety and quality of our products.

Featured Products

Browse our featured products, all available for purchase online. 

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