Your dog will enjoy eating from this balanced and delicious menu!

Sample Menu

Sample Monthly Meal Plan

The Meal Plan provides pet owners with an example of a well-balanced monthly schedule using a variety of proteins and a balance of meat, bone and organs. 

For clean, healthy teeth and gums, provide Beef or Pork Neckbones weekly. Depending on your pet’s weight, the bone may or may not replace a regular meal. Bones are necessary for optimal oral health, but they also provide hours of enjoyment and essential minerals. Always supervise your pet when they are enjoying bones.

Please refer to the Meal Calculator to estimate daily meal amounts.

Sample Monthly Menu: Puppy

At eight weeks of age, a pup should be eating at least three meals a day. At seven months, his feeding regime can be reduced to two feedings, and at one year, decreased to one daily meal. This schedule is a guide only; smaller breeds achieve their full size at a younger age than larger breeds. As a result, smaller breeds can reduce the frequency of meals sooner than larger breeds. Often pups the size of Cairn Terriers will be eating one meal per day by the time they are seven months old, while a Mastiff pup will eat two meals until one year of age or older.

Raw food produces slow, even growth without the spikes seen in kibble-fed puppies. Stable growth patterns support the healthy growth of the skeleton and reduce growth-related problems such as hip dysplasia.

Please refer to the Meal Calculator to estimate your pup’s daily meal amounts.

*Totally Raw does not advocate the use of weight-bearing bones (marrow bones) for your pet. Weight-bearing bones are much too hard and place undue stress on teeth. This could lead to fractures or premature wearing of the dentition.

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