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So you’ve made the decision to transition your adult dog or puppy to raw, but you’re not sure where to start? We’re here to help!

Totally Raw Pet Food recommends transitioning adults and puppies to raw feeding using our Complete Ground Dinners. Generally chicken and beef are good first choices unless there is a known allergy or sensitivity. The initial transition to raw takes roughly two weeks.

Patties are totally balanced with the proper meat, organ and bone ratio, while ground bone is easier for a transitioning pet to digest. A large variety of our patties only contain one protein, which makes any allergies or sensitivities easier to identify. To feed your dog a patty, just thaw and serve.

What else do you need to know?

Feeding your dog commercial, processed food creates an artificial state whereby the stomach becomes much less acidic. Feeding ground food for a couple of weeks will allow the stomach to return to its natural acidic state and become ready for whole foods. Dogs fed a variety of foods may transition faster than dogs fed kibble only.

During the transition period, it is best to limit the variety of proteins (we recommend starting with chicken and beef unless your dog has a known sensitivity to them).

After the transition period, additional patty varieties should be added to the diet. A balanced diet should include a minimum of 3 proteins. Not all dogs like mackerel and will need regular supplementation of Totally Raw Omega 3 Oil and Kelp & Alfalfa. You can find the total variety of ground dinners HERE.

Totally Raw recommends weekly beef neck bones to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy. Bones can be given in place of a regular meal unless your dog is underweight.

After the transition period, your dog should be fed mackerel once or twice a month.Not all dogs enjoy fish. If your pet won’t eat mackerel, supplement with Totally Raw’s Omega 3 Oil and Kelp & Alfalfa regularly.

Still not sure what a week of meals should look like after transitioning? You can find a sample menu HERE.


Know how much to feed your dog?

Check out our Meal Calculator

Meal Calculator

Let’s talk PUPPIES!

It is natural for puppies to eat a raw diet. They haven’t gone through the difficult digestive adjustments necessary to adapt to a processed diet. As such, there is virtually no transition period; they can simply go Totally Raw.

Ground dinner pattiesare balanced, so they contain the required amount of meat, organ and ground bone.

All pups should be offered regular chew bones such as beef or pork neck bones to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. Until they have adult teeth and stronger jaws, they will not be able to consume the bone, but the chewing and pulling off the meat will help exercise jaws – and keep them busy.

Totally Raw does not recommend mixing raw and kibble. Raw dog food is processed through the digestive system correctly which means it is processed much quicker than kibble. Because dogs are not designed to eat grains and cooked by-products, the digestive system takes a long time to process them. When the two are fed together, kibble slows down the digestion process and produces a ‘stewing’ effect where bacteria can bloom.