Benefits of Raw

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your pet is eating the optimal balance of meat, bone, and organs to support dental health, luxurious coat, and improved immune function.

Benefits of Raw Feeding for Canines

Healthy digestion

Totally Raw contains a balance of meat, bone and organs with no fillers, grains or chemical preservatives. Totally Raw is easy to digest and full of readily absorbed nutrients.  All formulas have a limited ingredient list, perfect for pets with allergies and sensitivities.

The end result is half the poop production. Poop from raw fed dogs quickly biodegrades and is a great lawn fertilizer. 

Healthier Coat

A clean, pleasant smelling coat is the hallmark of a raw fed pet. When consuming a processed food diet, dogs will rid themselves of toxins through the largest organ in the body – the skin. The result is a greasy, grimy coat that requires regular cleaning. When feeding a natural diet, the coat maintains its lustre with less shedding.

A Better Start

Pups and kittens need the best nutrition possible to start a long and happy life.

A raw diet encourages slow, even growth that contributes to healthy bone and muscle development. It is the best fuel to power the busiest pups and kittens.

Clean, healthy teeth & gums

Although preventable, by three years of age, most dogs and cats have developed some level of periodontal disease, which is entirely avoidable. Dental disease is painful and can severely impact other bodily systems, including kidneys, liver and heart. A natural diet that includes raw meaty bones will keep teeth and gums clean and healthy. Pets should be given weekly raw, non-weight-bearing bones – never cooked or smoked.

Reduced allergies

Many pets suffer from allergies and food sensitivities. Allergens often include ingredients such as  grains, dyes, fillers and preservatives found in dry foods. Switching to a raw diet is usually all that is needed to overcome allergies and food sensitivities.

Although rare, canines can develop allergies to specific proteins. Raw feeding makes it easy to remove these proteins from the diet.

Just the good stuff

Meat, bones and organs. No bad stuff- grains, fillers or chemical preservatives.


Simply thaw and serve. Patties are approximately 1/2 pound, and cat pots are 5.5 ounces.


Each meal is balanced with muscle meat, natural bone and organs.


A healthy diet can mean substantial savings in vet and dental bills for the life of your pet.

Benefits of Raw Feeding for Felines


Chicken & Capelin

Beef & Mackerrel

Reduced Allergies

Food-related allergens are often associated with ingredients inappropriate for cats, e.g., grains, fillers, chemical preservatives. Allergies can cause scratching and crewing at the skin, hair loss, runny eyes and nose. Allergies tend to clear when a species-appropriate diet is provided.

Reduced Water Consumption

Cats descended from a small wild desert cat, Felis Syvestris, native to North Africa. They drink very little and conserve water by producing concentrated urine. Cats evolved meeting their water requirements almost entirely through food. Cats are in a constant state of dehydration when consuming a kibble diet. Dehydration creates a significant stress on the internal organs.

More Energy

Feeding a high protein, low carbohydrate diet increases sustained energy throughout the day. Many owners report their lethargic cats have a renewed interest in play.

Smaller Stool

A raw, natural diet is highly digestible resulting in significantly less stool production as compared to processed food. The average frequency of elimination is once a day or even less. Dry, crumbly stool is normal as well as reduced odour.

Cats fed a processed diet consume a significant amount of plant fibre in the form of fillers. These fillers can make the bowel lazy. If you find your cat is experiencing constipation you can add a tablespoon of pumpkin to the next meal. Another method is to feed a boneless meal.

Healthier Coat

Essential fatty acids consumed as part of a natural raw diet contribute to healthy skin and coat. Appropriate nutrition leads to a reduction in shedding and hairballs.

Cats have a vital nutritional requirement for animal protein

Domestic cats, Felis Catus, are true (obligate) carnivores. Cats have a vital nutritional requirement for animal protein. Consuming a balance of meat, bone, and organs, ensure they receive essential vitamins and fatty acids. We at Totally Raw believe in pure, clean food without the use of fillers in any form.

Each Totally Raw formulation is designed to mirror a cat’s ancestral diet. Conveniently packaged in a 5.5 oz pot, feeding is as simple as thaw and serve.

  • Low bone content
  • No fillers, grains or gluten
  • Wild-caught Atlantic fish
  • Rich in taurine
  • No grains; no gluten
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