Our Story

Atlantic Canada’s Largest Raw Dog Food Manufacturer and Supplier


About Totally Raw Dog Food:

Totally Raw produces a range of natural ​products for your canine companion. Products include: Ground Dinners, Balanced Blends, Whole Foods, Bones, Treats and Supplements.

All of our products are locally made at our modern ​processing facility located at 50 Akerley Blvd., Unit 112, Burnside Nova Scotia. This 4500 square foot facility, opened in 2015, features a retail store front, and specialized equipment that allows us to grind bone, ​process treats and other products in a state of the art processing facility​. All meat is human grade* and supplied by federally or provincially inspected abattoirs. We are committed to using only the finest products and high processing standards to ensure your pet is getting the best in quality and nutrition.

Established in 2003, as a family business, we are very proud to have dedicated extensive time and energy into researching and developing our products. Our love of dogs has made this business endeavour a dream come true. We are happy to provide​ food that is pivotal to excellent canine health and have been involved in the raw dog food movement for over fifteen years. Totally Raw still actively research​s​ all aspects of canine nutrition.

Our commitment and devotion to our canine family is reflected in all our products. We guarantee when you choose Totally Raw Natural Dog Food that the product will speak to our dedication ​to ​quality nutrition.

*In order for green tripe to be considered human grade it must be bleached and scalded. Since this destroys the nutritional value of the product we do not process it in this manner. Therefore we cannot claim our green tripe as “human grade”.

Our Story Began with Daisy

Our story began in North River, Nova Scotia. As with many businesses, we were motivated by necessity. In 2000 we discovered a tumour on Daisy, one of our two German Shepherds. We immediately took her to the veterinarian, only to find out it was cancer. Daisy was only nine months old and we were shocked that a dog so young developed this disease, so we started researching cancer in dogs. This led us to examine what we were feeding our pets.

The more we investigated commercial dog food the more we felt betrayed. We were under the impression we were giving the best quality nutrition money could buy, when in fact we were not. We found there was another way of feeding dogs: Raw fresh food. We found this was not a fad, but was how families fed their pets before the advent of kibble. Prior to WWII canine companions flourished on a diet consisting of mostly raw meaty bones and table scraps. We set out to find sources of quality, human grade meats (beef, chicken, lamb, pork, organ meats and fish) for our dogs. We prepared pureed raw vegetable mixtures from our own garden. We never looked back.

The change in our two German Shepherds, Lockie and Daisy was immediate and dramatic. Daisy made a full recovery and developed into a vibrant, energetic dog. After switching to a natural diet there was an immediate improvement in their oral health. Their teeth were transformed from a state of tartar build-up to ‘pearly whites’. Their ‘doggie breath’ soon became a thing of the past. ‘Lockie’ endured regular ear cleaning because of a continuous wax build-up in both ears. After ten days on the raw diet, the steady discharge of earwax ceased, as did his weekly ear cleaning.

We noticed that some large dogs e.g., Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds tend to have oily, grimy coats, and ours were no exception. Their coat always had an oily film, which required bathing once a month. Even with regular washing, petting them would leave a dirty residue on our hands. After changing to Totally Raw over nine years ago, they no longer require regular bathing. Their coats are shiny and clean. They no longer have a strong doggie odour; they smell good! We were shocked at thechange as we believed the oily residue and strong doggie odour was part of the normal dog condition. We later found out dogs rid themselves of toxins through the skin which leaves the noticeable strong smell and grimy coat.

We had long been concerned that Daisy was not eating enough to maintain a healthy weight. She would only eat as much as necessary to survive. Our veterinarian expressed concern about her weight on several occasions, but we could not entice her to eat more kibble. At this point the only food Daisy had been exposed to was kibble (we felt any deviation from this diet was not healthy). So when she was presented with a variety of fresh meat and vegetables she was shocked and puzzled. Quickly she developed a taste for the food and started eating with great gusto. Now when she sees us approach her with a full food bowl she gets so excited she walks on two legs. Eating, for both our dogs, is now the highlight of their day.

An added bonus of the raw food diet was the size and biodegradability of the dogs’ stool. Grains are added to commercial dog food because they are a cheap filler. The result is excessively large stools. When natural ingredients with no preservatives are fed, dogs are able to absorb most of the nutrients from the food, leaving small quickly degradable stools.

Our pack has increased to include two Cairn Terriers- Button and McGee and Sumo (Caucasian Ovcharka) Since this time we have dedicated much time and effort into researching all aspects of natural raw feeding. We are strong proponents of the prey model diet and believe that variety is a necessity.

Having had such success with our dogs on the raw diet, we spoke to family and friends about the benefits. They in turn were interested and we began supplying them with our products. Soon our passion became a business as more and more dedicated dog owners requested our food, and in 2003 Totally Raw Dog Food was born.