COVID-19 Response

To our Valued Customers:

The following is an updated response on Totally Raw’s steps to ensure a safe environment for our staff and customers. We are fortunate and thankful to have successfully kept COVID-19 out of our facilities, and we are committed to continued success.

Production and Administration:

Anyone coming into our manufacturing facility and administration offices is given a survey to ensure they do not present a risk.
Anyone experiencing symptoms linked to COVID 19 is not permitted entrance.
Shipping procedures have been modified to eliminate contact with delivery staff. Electronic (touchless) invoices and shipping documents are used.
The cleaning and sanitization procedures have increased in frequency in all departments.
Ongoing meetings are held with staff to provide education and reinforce proper sanitation methods.
Staff shifts have been staggered to allow for minimal contact. Social distancing guidelines are followed.

Retail Stores:

Customers can place orders and pay over the phone, and staff can provide curbside pickup.
Current COVID-19 policy and procedures are clearly posted on retail entrances.
We will continue to work diligently to maintain a safe environment for all.

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