Why Raw Dog Food?

Is Totally Raw Natural Dog Food Right for Your Pet?


To help you determine if Natural feeding is right for you and your pet, we invite you to consider these four questions. We encourage you to research the topic for yourself. Please visit the links page for lots of excellent information.

  1. Do you believe fresh, whole, unprocessed food is healthier than heavily processed food?
  2. Do you believe fresh, whole, unprocessed foods are healthier than foods containing additives and preservative (some of which are illegal for human consumption).
  3. Do you believe eating a wide variety of fresh, whole, unprocessed foods contributes to your pet’s overall health?
  4. Do you believe eating highly processed foods, containing a plethora of preservatives and additives is detrimental to your pets overall health?

If you said “Yes” to these four questions, you said “Yes” to Totally Raw Natural Dog Food and a longer, happier, healthier life for your pet!

We encourage you to investigate the relationship between commercial dog food and cancer rates, other diseases, liver damage, allergies and even early death.