We are almost one month into our new lives as owners of a rat terrier puppy, and so it is time for us to thank you (again!) for all the advice and guidance you so patiently provided during our weeks of preparation.

We switched Scout immediately and completely from her breeder’s kibble diet to your raw food program. The results were/are amazing:

– Doggy smell – completely gone within a couple of days (I reckon after she flushed the kibble from her system)…..she actually smells really good, even when wet after a walk in the rain!

– Coat – shiny and healthy, and zero shedding! We’ve had a Scout a month, haven’t had a single dog hair anywhere…..can’t even get any hair from her with a brush.

– Plumbing – just four accidents in her entire first month with us, and three of those happened in the first few days when she still had kibble in her system…..a massive relief, because housebreaking was the area of greatest concern for us in bringing home a puppy. The raw food diet provides most of her water requirements, too, so she very quickly established a regular and predictable elimination schedule. Even better, she is already sleeping straight through the night.

– Treats – Scout LOVES the neck bones and the tripe treats. She will happily chew on a neck bone for an hour or more. And a piece of tripe treat inside a Kong toy is her favorite game.

– Pest defense – your flea and tick defense smells great, and Scout actually enjoys having it rubbed into her hair. And diatomaceous earth mixes easily into her breakfast, and she downs it all just as keenly as she does the food itself. We feel safe and secure heading into flea/tick/worm season.

In summary, we give much credit to your raw food program for the ease with which Scout integrated herself into our family. Thank you thank you thank you for your guidance and for the great products you provide.

With best regards,
The Langilles