Introducing Totally Raw Natural Dog Food Inc. to your Pet


So you’ve made the decision to transition your adult dog or puppy to raw.

Totally Raw Natural Dog Food Inc. recommends transitioning adults and puppies to natural feeding using our Complete Ground Dinners, because they take out any guess work, especially when it is new to you.

Feeding your dog commercial, processed food creates an artificial state whereby his stomach becomes much less acidic. Feeding ground food for a couple of weeks will allow the stomach to return to its natural acidic state and become ready for whole foods. Dogs fed a variety of foods may transition faster than dogs fed kibble only.

For the first couple of weeks it is best to limit the variety (we recommend starting with chicken and beef unless your dog has a known sensitivity to them). The proteins available are: chicken, beef, pork, turkey, lamb (lamb with beef & pork organ), duck (duck with chicken liver) and turducken. mackerel and tripe. Once this introductory period is over, try introducing your dog to a wider variety of foods until he consumes everything listed on our Sample Monthly Menu. Mackerel and tripe are better options once your dog has been eating raw for a few weeks.

Once your pet has transitioned with ground dinners, you may choose to continue feeding ground dinners (we recommend varying between 3-4 different proteins and fish or our Omega Oil). We also have balanced blends and whole foods, see…/sample-menu/.

We also recommend weekly beef or pork neck bones to help dogs keep their teeth and gums clean. Bones can be given in place of a regular meal, unless your dog is under weight.

It is natural for puppies to eat a raw diet. They haven’t gone through the unnatural digestive adjustments necessary to adapt to a processed diet. As such, there is virtually no transition period to adjust to; they can simply start eating raw.

Since ground dinners are balanced and contain the required amount of meat, organ and ground bone, we recommend Complete Ground Dinners for puppies up to twelve weeks old.

After twelve weeks of age, continue feeding ground dinners or start introducing balanced blends and/or whole foods. The smaller breeds sometimes need to eat ground longer as they can need more time to adjust to whole foods. All pups should be offered regular chew bones such as beef or pork neck bones to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. Until they have adult teeth and stronger jaws, they will not be able to consume the bone, but the chewing and pulling off the meat will help exercise jaws – and keep them busy :-))

For adults and puppies we do not recommend mixing raw and kibble. Raw dog food is processed though the digestive system correctly which means it is processed much quicker than kibble. Because dogs are not designed to eat grains and cooked by-products, the digestive system takes a long time to process them. When the two are fed together, kibble slows the digestion process and produces a ‘stewing’ effect where bacteria can bloom.

For a minority of dogs, a switch in food will result in gastrointestinal distress. This may produce temporary symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea. In these cases, limit the variety of raw foods, allowing time to adjust to the new diet.

Come in and see us, or contact us on facebook, by email or phone for advice on switching your dog to a raw diet, we can do up a written transition for your pet and help you plan out a diet for after the transition. 902 407 9930 or

Whole Foods or Ground?

Both have advantages.

Complete Ground Dinners are often preferred by those feeding small breeds such as Chihuahua and Yorkshire terriers. Very small breeds sometimes have difficulty consuming whole bones and may need to get their consumable bone content though the ground dinners (Ground dinners contain a balance of muscle meat, organs, bone and fat). In additon to small breeds, dogs that suffer from severe periodontal disease from eating commercial kibble may not have the dentition to eat whole foods as their primary diet. These dogs should still be given recreational bones once a week to keep their remaining teeth clean and gums healthy.

If you are feeding the Totally Raw Ground Dinners, provide your pet with a bone (e.g., beef neck) to keep teeth and gums clean and healthy at least once a week. Unless your pet is underweight, bones can be given in lieu of his or her regular daily meal.