roxie in vest

I would love to thank the owners of Totally Raw Natural Dog food for the quality of their dog food. I love the fact they work with the breed and age of your dog, as well as any health issues you are facing with your Canine family member. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a healthier alternative to processed food. The people there have huge hearts, and care about you and your Canine family member. They’re always very personable and are willing to help you out any way they can when it comes to the health of your pet.
I would highly recommend you to consider this company when looking for healthier alternatives for your dog! Or if you simply want the best! I run my own dog training business and it is important I give the best to my dog, Roxie, a Black Lab, Rottweiler mix. She has improved leaps and bounds with the food and the 4 in 1 Joint Rescue supplement. Roxie has canine osteoporosis, and I wanted to give her the best quality I could. This was the place to go!!!!
Bridgewater, NS